Friends Lego minifigures

All the Lego minifigures Friends characters sat down in Central Perk Coffee Shop


Chandler Bing Lego Friends minifigure


Joey from Friends walking through the door in Centre Perk Coffee House


Ross Friends Lego minifigure


Ross and Joey Friends Lego minifigures


Lego minifigure of Phoebe Buffay from Friends with her guitar


Lego minifigure Monica Geller from the TV sitcom Friends
Rachel Green from Friends in Central Perk




Gunther Friends Lego minifigure
Chandler mini Lego figure sat in a chair in Central Perk Coffee Shop having a drink


Gunther from Friends with a sweeping brush


Phoebe Buffay from Friends playing the guitar in Central Perk Coffee House


Joey brushing Chandlers hair in Central Perk Coffee House




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